The Lie We Are Living

You may be anyone,anywhere doing anything,

but let me ask,

are you doing what you want to do?what you love to do?

We wake up every morning in the same place,

following the same pattern,to create another yesterday.

What stops us from doing what we love?

from being where we love?

Once ,each day was a new adventure for us,

what happened?

We grew up?

We became free?

Are we really free?

We work hard all our life, to live the life

which we dont have time to enjoy,

and we get old,can work nomore,

ready to wither away with dirt and wind,

our children taking this place in the world

being fuel to the one’s called the elite,

who hides behind the walls of the corporates.

They gave us what they shit “THE MONEY”,

and we gave them our earth,our time and our happiness.

We see the world through the textbooks,

Graded and marked like subjects in a laboratory,

                              them showing us the world which they want us to see,

                                               where everything is sold or bought.

Theres no more free fresh food on trees,

no more free pure water,

half of the world is starving while there is plenty for all,

since feeding them is of no profit.

They took our land,water,food

and anything which was common and available to all,

and now we must follow their rules

to awail what was promised to us when we were born.

dare you take what you deserve,

end up banged in jails of sort.

What we all commonly desire is happiness,

the joy of living ,

which to find,we destroy the planet ,

instead of looking inside us,

And co-existing with the nature.

Do the big iphones,fancy cars,luxury villas

make you really happy?

Its the people who own the least are the most happy,

quoting tyler durden saying,

“The things you own end up owning you”

and great Buddha

“Possesion is the cause of all sufferings”.

These elites,

filling us up with ideas like,

own the latest product-be happy,

and these drug companies,

which dwells on our sufferings,

and what we need to do is shit on them.

Do not keep your ass still,

Waiting for the change to happen,

Be the change,

Move out into the world,

Show it how to live different,

Doing what really makes you happy.



The life I wish to live

I hate it when people think they know what is best for me. Every now and again we all run into that person who gives us unwanted advice, who introduces us to “the rules of reality.” I could never understand why such people believed it all right to do so_if they were reciting these rules from a book, I sure as hell have never laid eyes upon it. Life has no rules.Till now I have been playing catch-up. 

Do the work that you want to do. Live in the city, the country that you want to live in. Visit the places that you want to visit. Do the things that you know you want to do but are too afraid to do; there is nothing in the world that ought to be feared — even death itself is nothing more than a guarantee.

Don’t explain to yourself that your circumstances won’t allow it. Sure, you may not be able to live the life that you want to live at this exact moment, but later is better than never. Not to mention that if you are not working toward attaining your dreams then you are doing nothing more than wasting time. Life is the greatest gift anyone and everyone is given.

Its time for us to change

Love being long lost,

The cosmos remaining unanswered,

Building a big lie to lead a normal life,

Without wondering what life even is.

Moulded by the myths of heaven and hell,

being kind since driven by fear,

the love which must have been here,

lost over paper bills made to kill.

Am I the only one tired of this mess,

Shouldn’t our kind realise how pathetic we’ve become,

why was the truth hidden from us,

or is the answer in and all around us?

Was Life a Coincidence?

Was life a coincidence?Or is it something more meaningful?

“Life was given to us a billion years ago and what did we do with it?”

This is from the words of Morgan freeman in the opening lines of the movie Lucy.How do we answer this question?Were we to do something here?Was it to love?Thrive?

What was the real ‘purpose’?And its what we lost ‘The purpose’.It was never to make money ,the wastefull sheets of mere paper money bills made from destroying life which is part of this planet.We are completely lost in our own story we created to define life,which is bullshit.

Half of the world is poor while there is plenty available.None belongs to no one.We haven’t brought anything nor are we leaving with it.All we needed was to share and love,See everything as common,love everyone as family.

We are all one,part of a single consiousness never let the duality mislead you.One day we may realise this and i am waiting.Let the good spirits guide us till then so that we dont destroy each other before it happens. 

The Buddhist explanation of Nidra yoga

The tantric buddhist considers nidra yoga as a path to enlightenment.Here are the words of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche
From the book ‘the tibetian yogas of dream and sleep’

“All of us dream whether we remember dreaming or not. We dream as infants and continue dreaming until we die. Every night we enter an unknown world. We may seem to be our ordinary selves or someone completely different. We meet people whom we know or don’t know, who are living or dead. We fly, encounter non-human beings, have blissful experiences, laugh, weep, and are terrified, exalted, or transformed. Yet we generally pay these extraordinary experiences little attention. Many Westerners who approach the teachings do so with ideas about dream based in psychological theory; subsequently, when they become more interested in using dream in their spiritual life, they usually focus on the content and meaning of dreams. Rarely is the nature of dreaming itself investigated. When it is, the investigation leads to the mysterious processes that underlie the whole of our existence, not only our dreaming life.
The first step in dream practice is quite simple: one must recognize the great potential that dream holds for the spiritual journey. Normally the dream is thought to be “unreal,” as opposed to “real” waking life. But there is nothing more real than dream. This statement only makes sense once it is understood that normal waking life is as unreal as dream, and in exactly the same way. Then it can be under-stood that dream yoga applies to all experience, to the dreams of the day as well as the dreams of the night”

The Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra is a yoga technique which bridges the relation between our conscious and subconscious mind.

In yoga nidra we detach the consciousness from our natural senses and makes it open for new experiences.

The important factor of yoga nidra is visualisation.Its like planting a seed in our subconscious and unconscious mind and it will grow there flourishing.This is a great way to help you achieve your goals.

Same like as planting a seed we can also remove anything deep in unconscious with yoga nidra like deep fears,bad habits etc.

In yoga nidra the teacher is not the important factor, its the teaching which you listen during the yoga.It will be well manisfested in your unconscious mind.By these teaching you can gain knowledge or change habit or plan your entire future.

There are many books available on yoga nidra check it out sometimes..  


Testing the reality

The fact of a dream is that we believe whatever  we see.If we see a man with 2 heads in our dream we respond 

“Wow this man has 2 heads!!!” 

We dont almost all think how the hell could this happen?Its when we think like this lucidity happens.For this you must be aware in your dreams,So that when you get dream signs like this you can check whether this is a dream or not.

There are many ways to be aware in your dreams like the buddhist dream yoga.Every culture has there own methods for this.I will post on these later.

And wonders happen.Bingo,theres a hack.

The Reality Check

This is a great technique to become lucid in your dreams.What we do is we keeping checking whether this is a dream or not during our waking life.For say,you check whether you are in a dream whenever you see a red car or a blue box.

The most successful checks are 

  1. Crossing your palms and push one into the other.If you are in a dream one palm passes through the other
  2. Or just think how you end up here and askyourselves whether you are dreaming
  3. Try to read something,the words will almost be unrecognisable.

There are many other reality checks check out this link
Practice this frequently till the state that your mind sub consciously check the state when you see your selected dream sign.

And how this works is that when you are in your dream your mind will check for the state.

Happy lucid dreaming ..

The Mushroom Paradise of India-Vattakanal

Everyone loves to travel and so do I.Last year I was staying at kodaikanal,(Tamil Nadu,India) where i came to hear about this beautiful place called ‘Vattakanal’.Its a small village situated 10km from kodaikanal and is famous for psychedelic mushrooms popularly known as magic mushrooms.

The next day me and my friend hired a cab and decided to stay at this place for a week.The trip was an exciting one,the dense forests and cliffs passed us by the window of the cab.The road was very narrow so the journey took its time.

We booked a cottage at the top of a mountain,smoked some pot and a local boy gave us some mushies(They were great and lasted for almost 5 hours).

The view from there was dashing and the whole village was gleaming in the daylight with the cold mist kissing us on our cheeks.Even though the place was in India there were more israyelis than indians,there were also flyers in hebrew.Later someone told us that the village was also known as the “Little Israyel”.

The beauty of the place is mind blowing and cant be expressed in words.It was a true paradise on earth.The pure nature with all its perfection and beauty.

On our way back we decided to walk till kodaikanal so as to enjoy the beauty of the village.

Its a must place to visit in india since you cannot forget that beauty ever.And if you by chance get any luck to try mushies,do it.Its nice .. 

Recollecting the dreams ..

To master lucid dreaming the first step is to enhance your ability of dream recollection from the past night.Write down these dreams to keep a dream journel or a dream diary.Keep this journels hidden so that others cannot read your dreams,which would be an awkward situation.

Our sleep is divided into 2 stages the REM(Rapid Eye Movement) and non-REM stage.we dream during the REM stage and during this stage our body except for the eyes will be paralysed so that we dont act out what we dream.

These 2 stages repeat as a cycle for about 6 times in a normal nights sleep,ie. you have 6 rems and 6 non rems during a full night sleep.

At first you can only remember upto one or two dreams per night and later as your journel progresses the number increases and reaches the point when you can remember all the dreams in a night.

Keeping a dream journel helps to increase your awareness in dreams and will helps you to understand dream signs faster.

So start your journel today…

Sweet dreams😴

An introduction to “Lucid Dreams”

Most of us have heard of lucid dreaming.So,what is a “Lucid Dream”?

It’s a dream in which you are aware that you are dreaming.And once you are lucid in the dream you can control the dream.Yes !! You heard me right.You can fly,go to paris,sleep with your crush,have a trek to the mount everest … Anything is possible .. And i intend to share the knowledge i have on lucid dreams to the world through this blog .. 

Sweet Dreams !!! 😴